Asian Hospitality Federation Europe Announced

Asian Hospitality Federation Europe Announced

We are proud to announce that we will officially launch our newly established organisation, the Asian Hospitality Federation Europe, during the first quarter of this year! The launch will take place in a High-Level setting in the European Parliament, with speakers from the EU institutions, as well as the Asian European hospitality industry and its partners.

The European hospitality sector is a very important contributor to the EU economy, positively impacting employment, growth and tax contributions. More than 10 million people are employed directly by the industry whilst the sector supports around 16.6m jobs, representing 7.8% of the European workforce or one in every 13 jobs in Europe. The overall turnover is more than 1 trillion Euros (gross value added of more than 460 billion Euros), equaling over 8% of total European economic output and 3.7% of GDP.

The Asian-European Hospitality industry faces all the same regulatory obstacles and compliance challenges as the rest of the sector, whilst at the same time dealing with a set of specific problems, such as the difficulties in getting highly qualified Asian chefs to Europe to implement their unique cooking styles in the many high-quality Asian restaurants, spread across the EU. Based on the successful model of the UK Asian Catering Federation, the AHFE brings together likeminded associations of Asian hospitality businesses from across the continent and the UK, to join forces and lobby for a better regulatory framework, whilst at the same time fostering B2B relationships and promoting the industry through our partner networks!

We very much look forward to inviting you to our event soon.



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